Letitia Suk - speaker, writer, life coach Letitia Suk - speaker, writer, life coach
Letitia Suk - speaker, writer, life coach

Personal life coaching for women who want to live in balance in each season of life

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There are many seasons in the life of a woman and the scripture that “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:2) is the story of all of our lives.

As women we are expected to be balanced in our marriages, our mothering, our jobs, our homecare, our appearance, our relationships, our community involvement, our overall life plans. Often, we feel like we’re getting close, then our season of life changes! Getting married, having a child or four, changing jobs, launching teens, moving, aging parents…how can we identify and hang on to our life-giving anchors as everything around us seems to be in flux?

As a personal life coach, I work with women to help them discover what principles and patterns will keep them grounded regardless of what else is going on and how to fully enjoy each season of life.

Together we look at possibilities and dreams for each season of life and design a plan that works for you now.

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May you live all
the days of your life.

–Jonathon Swift

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